Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just say “NO” to Bad Pick-up Lines

“Hey girl!... Mmm Hmmm…” Ignore
Random boy in the hallway #1: “Hey, you go to school here?”
“No, I work here”
“You a counselor?”
“Oh, well I wanted to ask someone about changin my major. You don’t do that?”
“Man, what you do here?”
Random boy in the hallway #2: “Look sexy, that’s what she do.” Ignore
“I work on the newspaper.”
“Oh, so you got a boyfriend?”
“You married?”
“You looking?”
“No, but if I decide to you’ll be the first to know.” (sarcasm galore)
“Alright then. You stay sexy now… Mmmm Hmmmm.” Ignore

This is a typical transaction for me. It happens at least once, if not more everyday.
What’s the answer to this problem?
Ignore, say “NO,” repeat. Welcome to TSTC.


Andy Brown said...

Well yeah, welcome to TSTC. It is kinda sad that there is a general lack of respect for good relationships here. Not that I would say anything bad about the country (or even the planet for that matter), but maybe I've only had the impression of one school, and therefore I'm hopelessly biased. Of course, I'm not the expert on pick-up lines myself (I just try to stay friendly). Hey, you should go to Houston this next Thur. for ISA fieldtrip. Great site and stay chilled, Andy

Menefee said...

Try tearing into one or them about having proper respect and attitudes toward women. Then bust out with something about how proud their grandmother or mom would be of them if they could hear them talking that way. Shaming guys works, its sad, but it works. And if all else fails break someones nose. A broken nose or a groin injury usually conveys the proper sense of back off.

CresceNet said...

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Anonymous said...

That's funny stuff! Just take it as a compliment and keep on trucking sister. Nice piece.

Ron Sanders said...

I better not EVER see this happen!

-- Dad